The Legal Center at MECCA Institute

The Legal Center at MECCA Institute

The Legal Center at MECCA Institute researches and presents on legal topics important to Muslims, including Islamic and Western laws.

Projects such as “Sharia v. United States” seek to challenge misconceptions on both sides, while other projects focus on practical legal issues. For example, the “Legal Aid” project lists legal clinics around the United States where Muslims can find immediate relief.

Get to know the program in more detail in the following sections.

Meet MECCA Institute

MECCA Institute is a non-profit organization based in the United States. This 501(c)(3) organization has a mission of expanding Progressive Islam through education and research.

Progressive Islam is a modern, liberal movement that seeks to offer an alternative message to the traditional and/or extremist versions of the Muslim faith.

Progressive Muslims, therefore, use their beliefs, values, and practices to take on modern issues like social justice, equality, and environmental sustainability, to name a few.

Imam Daayiee Abdullah is the founder of MECCA Institute. He is a well-known figure in Progressive Muslim communities and is recognized worldwide as a leader of this new movement, appearing on mainstream television, newspapers, magazines, and across digital platforms.

MECCA Institute has several major programs, including The Legal Center at MECCA Institute.

The Legal Center

The Legal Center at MECCA Institute is the flagship legal program at the Progressive Muslim 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, MECCA Institute.

Currently, there are three projects: Sharia vs. United States, Muslim Lawyers Roundtable, and the American Muslim Legal Aid.

Sharia v. United States is a project that compares and contrasts U.S. law with Islamic law. The goal of this project is to identify common ground while dispelling misconceptions.

The Muslim Lawyers Roundtable is a group of lawyers in specific areas of legal practice who are available for private and public contributions. For example, our lawyers will help enhance public policy at major institutions, including the government.

The Legal Aid project allows everyday Muslims to seek justice, stability, and hope through our linked legal aid centers across the United States.

Areas of Focus

The Legal Center at MECCA Institute has an immediate focus on twelve areas of U.S. law, including business, immigration, property, family, labor, criminal, civil, tort, environmental, intellectual, and health.

Through researched material, discussions, and presentations, The Legal Center at MECCA Institute seeks to educate our communities on the intersection between modern law and Islamic law.

As the program expands, we hope to give Muslims a real picture of what is Islamic versus what is cultural and how they can use modern laws in Western countries like the United States to build stable lives.

How to Participate

You can participate directly as a lawyer, make a donation to support the work The Legal Center at MECCA Institute is doing, or benefit from the projects as an individual, organization, or business.

Lawyers in any of our areas of focus can participate in the program by joining our Muslim Lawyers Roundtable project. This is the most direct way to participate as a Muslim attorney. Get in touch with us to do that.

Individuals, organizations, or businesses can make direct donations to MECCA Institute to support this program. To make a donation, visit our donation page.

Finally, you can benefit from our projects by consuming our presentations, reports, or publications as an individual or institution. You can also use our legal clinic directory to find immediate help in your local area.

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