Women at MECCA

Women at MECCA Institute

Women at MECCA Institute. Learn how we are a building an inclusive community where Women’s Rights take center stage.

MECCA Institute believes in a world where women are at the table, making decisions, alongside others, including gender-nonconforming Muslims. To be inclusive of women, MECCA Institute takes several steps.

Promoting Gender Equality

MECCA Institute actively promotes gender equality within our communities. We advocate for women’s rights in many areas, including education.

Along with that, we also support strategies for individual and collective empowerment that promote democratization from within Muslim contexts.

For example, in our first book, Progressive Islam, MECCA Institute’s leader brought the discussion of women at the mosque to the forefront.

Supporting Women at Work

Supporting Women at Work

MECCA Institute implements strategies to support Muslim women at work. This is because we acknowledge the unique faith-related needs that may make it difficult for women to adapt to the values and orientation of the dominant work culture.

In our specific case, we create an inclusive environment that allows women to bring their authentic selves to work, including aspects related to their faith and identity.

For example, one of our current scholars is Nasima Selim, who has produced a course and other content for MECCA Institute.

Engaging in Global Movements

MECCA Institute participates in the global Progressive Muslim movements for equality and justice across multiple regions.

We support pluralistic and inclusive strategies that bring together individuals from women backgrounds to advocate for equality and justice in the Muslim family.

For example, our leader continues to associate with Muslims for Progressive Values, a women-led organization that is doing amazing work in this area.

Challenging Traditional Gender Roles

In “Progressive Islam” and elsewhere, our leader argues that several concepts have formed the basis of particular gender roles in Muslim societies.

MECCA Institute challenges these traditional gender roles and works towards creating a more inclusive environment that allows women to pursue education, careers, and other opportunities outside the familial environment.

Acknowledging Diversity

One of the most important areas for the Muslim community is to acknowledge the diversity of experiences and perspectives among women.

Progressive Muslims work hard to avoid homogenizing women as vulnerable and instead recognize women as agents of their own lives.

We believe this inclusive approach leads to more effective humanitarian action and support for Muslim women in various contexts.

How to Get Involved

MECCA Institute is inclusive of women through many areas, including actively promoting gender equality, supporting women in various aspects of life, and engaging in global movements for justice.

We also do this by challenging traditional gender roles, acknowledging the diversity and agency of women within their communities, and creating overall welcoming spaces.

How can you get involved? Make a donation. Donations put funds directly in our hands to create programming that support women.

Another way you could support women at MECCA Institute is to become a member at our community. Funds generated from our community memberships directly support our women’s programming.

Alternatively, you could come work with us. You could become a student at our school. This means becoming a student who will enrich the lives of Muslim women in the future.

Finally, you can come and work with us! If you are qualified, you can become a researcher, or simply come spread our message.

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