#WeLoveWomen (Video)

MECCA Institute is a theological school that focuses on Progressive Islam. What is Progressive Islam? It is the kind that was practiced by Prophet Muhammad in which women, LGBT persons, and people of other faith are welcome in the mosque. This type of Islam is always cool, always timely, and never at odds with anyone.

Women are at the heart of Islam. In fact, when in the 7th Century Islam was introduced to the people of Arabia, the first Muslim was a woman. Women’s Studies, therefore, is an important focus for MECCA Institute.

Are you a Muslim woman interested in studying Islam at a welcoming educational space? Or maybe you’re a woman that can teach at our school? Or perhaps you can help us finance our efforts through donation. If nothing else, we are confident you can help us by spreading the word. Share this with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Thank you.

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